Immigration Success Stories


Case 1

Client had tried for 40 years to get a green card, applied for it and each time he tried to either adjust status or consulate process the case. USCIS couldn’t find his file so they couldn’t complete the case. Meanwhile his sister was sponsored by the brother that sponsored my client and the approval notice had both the sister and brother on it. The sister got her green card and is a US Citizen today through using that approval notice. So we argued the brother should get it too although his file is missing. My client got a green card after trying for 40 years to get it because I pushed for him and knew the law that if an I-130 petition has never been denied then it is valid and can be used to get a green card. 

Case 2

Client wanted to own their own business and sponsor themselves for a green card. However, they wanted to come to the US quickly so initially they filed an O-1A. They were sponsored by a US Employer but after they go the O-1A we quickly filed for a green card self sponsored as long as we could prove they would work 40 hours in their field once they got the green card and it worked. 

Case 3

Client had been on an E-2 for many years and wanted to get a green card. They didn’t have the required funding for an EB-5 so we tried for an EB-3, skilled worker. They were required to work full time for the EB-3 US Employer once they got their green card, which they did. Although they preferred to be an entrepreneur they still maintained their US E-2 Company but got a green card through a US Employer and didn't need the E-2 visa anymore.

Case 4

Client had been in the US before January 1, 1972, and wanted a green card. A little known law called registry entitles someone that is in the US before 1985 legally and never left to apply for a green card. Client received their green card this way.